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Pen Pals for the weird

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Welcome to the Community!

I made this community because I like to write to people using snail mail, only thing was I never had a way of getting people I had shit in common with. I mean how much could I say to a 12 year old cheerleader...Yeah, so I thought why not make a community that lets not just Goths post but also punks, grundge, and at least interesting people write. I hope you enjoy this community and have FUN!

I do have a couple of requests:
1.When making a post, if possible post a picture of yourself behind a cut
2.No Spam! Don't come here to promote something that has nothing to do with writing.
3.Be at least 15+
This is a Pen Pal form you can use. Just copy it and fill it out.

Meigz/The Mod

Promoting is always nice.

Credit for this banner to coffinkittie
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