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Seeking new friends in New York

Hi folks I'm Sophie, a 24 year old transgender goth/punk chick in NYC; I'm here looking for new friends that share my abnormal and wicked mind. Music is my passion in life, I'm a budding singer myself, and I can go on and on listening to and talking about my favourite bands, I'm into 70s punk, trad goth from the 80s, 50s rock and roll and neo-rockabilly from the 70s and 80s. After music my main interests are the occult - philosophically I'm a Thelemite, the system of Aleister Crowley - and I'm interested in all kinds of mystical, Luciferian, Satanic and dark beliefs. I think the world is fundamentally evil and there's no reason to try to change it because you can't make what's innately horrible good. My goal in life is simly to have as much fun as I can amidst all the surrounding sorrow, I seek others whose views are the same as mine. As such I have no moral beliefs nor any restrictions on my behaviour - I'm into anything decadent, depraved but anyone out there as bad and wild as I ?
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