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Pen Pals for the weird

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3/18/13 12:07 pm - kaylachaos1124 - Looking for a pen pal

Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Location:United States Of American state Ohio
Main Interests: Corsets , Gothic Subculture , Reading , Video games , netflix , the 50's , old tv shows , movies , the Victorian and rococo era's
Described as:Strange , outgoing , weird , loud , blunt
Significant Other?:yes
Work?:still looking for a job
Tattoos/Piercings: No tattoo's and piercings
Who are your favorite bands/singers? Angelspit , The Birthday Massacre , The Cure , Nightwish , Within Temptation etc.
Favorite Books: Northanger Abby , Wuthering Heights , The Crow etc.
Favorite Movie: my all time favorite movie is Bettlejuice
Specifically Seeking: someone I can talk to online
What sex do you want them to be?:I'd rather it be a girl but a guy works to
What race do you want them to be?: American works best but as long as they know english I really don't care
Where do you want them to be from?: America but any wear works
What age do you want them to be?: any age between 19 - 35 works

3/10/13 08:40 pm - lady_nocturnal - Looking for a new penpal :)

Birthday:21 February
Zodiac Sign:Pisces/Tiger
Main Interests:Vampires,corsets,writing,drawing,coffins,horror,anime,gaming,photography,legends and myths,paranormal,demonology,Living Dead Dolls,cemeteries,tarot cards,black lipstick,odd hats,manga
Described as:Strange,shy,weird,laughs a lot,determined
Significant Other?:no,not yet though,,
Tattoos/Piercings: No tattoo's and one piercing.I've got my eyebrow pierced,but definitely getting more though.
Who are your favorite bands/singers?:Cradle Of Filth,Flyleaf,Shadows Symphony,Rob Zombie,Amon Amarth,Marilyn Manson,Emilie Autumn...many more
Favorite Books:The Hallows and Darkside series.
Favorite Movie:Tim Burton fims,May,Suckerpunch,Horror films,Anime,Zombieland,The Addams Family etc.
Favorite T.V. Show:Supernatural,Anime's,Being Human,Grimm,Lost Girl,The Walking Dead,Lost etc.
Specifically Seeking:Snail Mail
What sex do you want them to be?:I really don't mind :)
What race do you want them to be?:I really don't mind.
Where do you want them to be from?:I guess somewhere other then South-Africa.
What age do you want them to be?: <-24 ,,

12/19/12 08:55 am - kinky_carter - Looking for some new penpals!!!

Name: Kaily (kay-lee)
Sex: Bi-Female
Age: 24
Birthday: July 16, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Dragon
Location: Northern California
E-mail: be_still_my_heart106@hotmail.com
Main Interests: Drawing, reading, writing (poetry, fanfics, letters), collecting, anime, manga, supernatural/paranormal, myths/folklore, theology, vampires, yaoi/yuri, video games, art, and photography.
Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Snow Patrol, Maroon 5, Gackt, Hyde, Utada Hikaru, Aucifer, Taylor Swift, Akon, TI, Rihanna, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson, HIM, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Anberlin, The Beatles, Adele, 30 Seconds To Mars, Secondhand Serenade, Black Veil Brides, Vampires Everywhere, Glee Cast, Mumford & Sons, Ellie Goulding, Nero, Ed Sheeran, Atlas Genius, Linkin Park, The XX, and more.
Favorite Books: Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series, Interview With The Vampire, House of Night, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Tuck Everlasting, Ender's Game, The Hunger Games, The Land of Stories, Franny & Zooey, This Is Where I Leave You, and anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.
Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Serenity, Resident Evil Series, Dracula 2000, The Proposal, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Interview With The Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Silent Hill, The Nightmare Before Christmas, How To Train Your Dragon, Karate Kid('10), Sucker Punch, Underworld series, Pitch Perfect, MIB Trilogy, Enchanted, Hanna, and more.
Favorite T.V. Show: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel, Chuck, The Office, True Blood, Supernatural, Heroes, Charmed, Xena, The L Word, Bones, Dollhouse, X-Files, Star Trek, Law & Order: SVU, The Walking Dead, Terra Nova, New Girl, Whitney, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Castle, Fringe, and more.
Anime: Bleach, Naruto, Kamichu, Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Code Geass, Lovely Complex, Bokura ga Ita, Vampire Knight, InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop, Prince of Tennis, Get Backers, Ai no Kusabi, Gravitation, Loveless, Rurouni Kenshin, Cardcaptors, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Blood Plus, Samurai Champloo, Gundam Wing, Genshiken, Death Note, Aoi Hana, Strawberry Panic, Sasameki Koto, Ghost Hunt, Claymore, Saikano, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Ronin Warriors, Initial D, Natsume Yuujinchou, Hellsing, Durarara, D.Gray-man, Ao no Exorcist, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Suiki-tte Ii na yo, Magi, and more.
Manga: Mars, Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Hana Kimi, Hot Gimmick, Dengeki Daisy, Honey Mustard, Sailor Moon, Magi, anything by Kano Miyamoto, all kinds of yaoi and shojo.
Games: Final Fantasy series, Star Ocean 3, Kindom Hearts series, Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry series, Bloodrayne, Drakengard, Xenosaga, Valkyrie Profile 2, Okami, Radiata Stories, Parasite Eve, Spyro series, and Crash Bandicoot series.

Links: deviantART

11/17/12 04:26 pm - ext_1499730

Name: Brooke
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Birthday: Aug. 28
Zodiac Sign: Virgo/Rabbit
Location: Dullsville 
E-mail: ask
Main Interests: bats, graveyards, art, drawing, anime, video games, creative suite, manga, vampires(not twilight), animals, paranormal/supernatural
Described as: shy, kind, slightly avoidant, good sense of humor, 
Significant Other?: only an unrequited love unfortunately
Work?: night stocker(lol) 
Tattoos/Piercings: none
Who are your favorite bands/singers?: lacuna coil, HIM, jack off jill, scarling, otep, korn, marilyn manson(I know he's not goth btw), garbage, 69 eyes, rob zombie, ayria, kerli, zombie girl, the cure, johnny cash, various 80s/90s bands, etc...
Favorite Books: Anne rice's vampire chronicles, vampire kisses, Kim Harrison's hollow series
Favorite Movie: nightmare before christmas, resident evil series, interview with a vampire, queen of the damned, pirates of the carribean series, tim burton movies, dracula 2000, underworld, blade, miyazaki movies, fast & furious, wedding singer, shaun of the dead, zombieland, easy a, the dark knight...
Favorite T.V. Show: archer, ugly americans, family guy, american dad, bobs burgers, adult swim, cartoon network, comedy central, conan, new girl, whitney
Specifically Seeking: whatever, mainly friends
What sex do you want them to be?: any
What race do you want them to be?: any
Where do you want them to be from?: anywhere, but prefer any European countries (its a passion to go to the various places 1 day)
What age do you want them to be?: 21-29 give or take
Post some pictures to give people a clue what you look like: dont have many pics of me. i will use what i have for my default pic.

10/15/12 09:04 pm - bebe_de_lune

Name: Victoria
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Birthday: January 31st 1983
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Location: NE Ohio
E-mail: darkmoongazerlily@gmail.com

Main Interests: the paranormal, playing video games (Wii, Zelda etc), watching movies on Netflix from my queue which has 189 movies saved some horror, some drama, a mix of genres... I put anything that sounds decent there but all are questionable until watched. I love anything gypsy, love incense, candles, tarot, the moon, tea. I used to study Paganism and even though I am no longer, it still has a place in my heart.
Described as: shy, reclusive, liberal (as in, "you fucking liberal")
Significant Other?: Yes
Work?: No
Tattoos/Piercings: Ears, septum and navel, planning on a lot more though. I love piercings
Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Within Temptation (insanely love and listen to way too much), Tapping the Vein, OTEP, The Birthday Massacre, In This Moment, Massive Attack, Conjure One (some songs), A Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins, Flyleaf, Delerium (some songs), "One Moment More" by Mindy Smith, Dryer, Fever Ray, Robyn (new), Kerli, Sarah Mclachlan, Ellie Goulding, LIGHTS
Favorite Books: Dangerous Angels (And Francesa Lia Block books in general), A Certain Slant of the Light, Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, Smoke & Mirrors, The Graveyard Book.... I find myself reading a lot of YA fiction for some reason
Favorite Movie: What Dreams May Come, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Silent Hill, Nightmare Before Christmas, Pan's Labyrinth, MirrorMask, Labyrinth, Legend, Interview with The Vampire, The Neverending Story, The Butterfly Effect Ultraviolet, The Fifth Element, Underworld, The Fountain, The Invention of Lying, Wristcutters: A Love Story
Favorite T.V. Show: used to be Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunter, Paranormal Witness, The Dead Files, Bones, Criminal Minds, The Amazing World of Gumball.... but I don't watch TV anymore really just watch movies on Netflix but this gives you my taste in TV
Specifically Seeking: Female pen pals, just please have something in common with me
Where do you want them to be from?: USA please but I'll consider others
What age do you want them to be?: 20+ please

7/14/12 04:34 am - ravenbloodcrest - Hello everyone!

Name: Raven Bloodcrest

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Birthday: June 1

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Location: Texas, USA

E-mail: Ask please!

Main Interests: Art, Writing, Languages, Culinary arts, Martial Arts, lot of things

Described as: Sweet, quiet, random, funny, weird, creative, multi-tasker

Significant Other?: I have a BF <3

Work?: Laid off

Tattoos/Piercings: Green butterfly Inside of right wrist, normal lobe piercing in each ear
Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Too many to really name but lately Blood on The Dance Floor, Black Veil Brides, Evanescence, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed

Favorite Books: Too many to really name but a few are: Vampire Kisses, Blood and Chocolate, The silver Kiss, Beastly, anything to do with vampires(that isn't twilight *gags*), werewolves, ghosts, witches, Edgar Allen Poe, and many others

Favorite Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas(top favorite but have other favorites)

Favorite T.V. Show: Anything to do with paranormal/ghosts, Adult Swim, South Park, and Tru TV

Specifically Seeking: Someone who is open minded about the dark side of life but not evil, basically humble and kind. A very friendly and fun person to talk to and can share a lot of things with, who is also a fast replier to letters, someone who I can become great friends with and come out of my bat cave to. We can even share little gifts and treasures with each other, that's be even more fun whether its a picture or a small gift in a box. Doesn't matter if you're male or female, just don't be a jerk or stuck up and have lots of patience. If you are interested please leave a comment and I'll send you my email.

What sex do you want them to be?: Doesn't matter but looking for males considering have nothing but female pepals at the moment but don't care really, anyone can reply :D.

Where do you want them to be from?: Romania, but anywhere in general is great too!

What age do you want them to be?: No younger than 18 and no older than 35

Me Blah Blah

2/29/12 12:27 am - Aimee Elizabeth Carier - Just looking for a chat

Name:Aimee (Ava, Jeremy, Viktor, Amelia, Jessi-Lee, Mikhail)
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: March 30, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Location: Brooklyn, Ohio / Buffalo, New York
E-mail: welder93carpenter@aim.com
Main Interests: The Arts, Music, Cars, Welding, Video Games, among many other things
Described as: Cute and tiny, pale olive skin, shoulder length brownish red hair, steel blue eyes. Psychotic in all the right ways.
Significant Other?:Currently none. 
Work?:Unemployed, for the time being, soon to change.
Tattoos/Piercings: One tattoo, six piercings
Who are your favorite bands/singers?: It depends on the genre.
Country: Brantley Gilbert
Cabaret: Voltaire
Rock: HIM / 69 Eyes
Classic Rock: Motley Crue
Punk: Aiden
Hardcore: The Acacia Strain
Foreign: Lee Hyori
Classical: Tchaikovsky
Opera: Sarah Brightman
Dubstep: Lindsey Stirling
Favorite Books: Harry Potter, The works of Edgar Allen Poe, the works of Shell Silverstein.
Favorite Movie:  Harry Potter, anything that has to do with vampires EXCEPT for Twilight.
Favorite T.V. Show: "Sophisticated" (and I use that word lightly) Cartoons such as Family Guy, American Dad, Simpsons, Futurerama, South Park, Drawn Together, Archer
Specifically Seeking: Anybody that want's to make a new friend.
What sex do you want them to be?: Doesn't really matter. Male or Female preferred.
What race do you want them to be?: Human? I mean vampires/werewolves.....Humanoids I guess?
Where do you want them to be from?: Anywhere, if they can speak English. My Russian and Spanish are not good.
What age do you want them to be?: At least 18. Preferably older, we'd get along better.

2/23/12 07:31 pm - lone_pagan_wolf - A new try...

Name: Anna
Sex: female
Age: 27
Birthday: 15/02/1985
Sign: Aquarius
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Main Interests: see my userinfo for everything and read it carefully!
Specifically Seeking: long-letter pals and if the following names, words mean something to you: paganism, Savitri Devi, Otto Rahn, Julius Evola, Miguel Serrano, Black Sun.. Basically, people who understand and don't misunderstand what my profile says.
What sex do you want them to be?: either
Where do you want them to be from?: anywhere
What age do you want them to be?: preferably mid-twenties and up...


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2/23/12 11:38 am - azraiaesthetic - Repost

[x]Name: Rochelle
[X]Sex: Female
[x]Age: 20
[x]Birthday: 11/19/1990
[x]Sign: Scorpio
[x]Location: Mississippi, USA
[x]E-mail: Azraiblackcoma@gmail.com
[x]Main Interests: Music, Art, Literature, Modeling, Photography, Anime, Language and much more
[x]Described as: A bisexual, creative student, a bit egotistic, I'm hard to describe.
[x]Work?: Language Student, and working at a market
[x]Tattoos/Piercings: 7, all in ears. I wish I had more.
[x]Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Dir en grey, Gazette, Miyavi, Marilyn Manson, The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, Theory of a Deadman, Apocalyptica, and much much more.
[x]Favorite Books: Long, Hard Road Out of Hell, Heroin Diaries, Loveless (manga), Beatrice's Spell, Divine Comedy/Dante's Inferno, Love Wins, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, Interview with the Vampire, Blood and Gold, and much more
[X]Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight, Ichi the Killer, Speed Racer, August Rush, Vampire Clan, Quarter Moon, Quitting, Finding Neverland, Nana, Paradise Kiss, Phantom of the Opera, and others~
[X]Favorite T.V. Show: Ovation TV mostly, History Channel, Military Channel, that's all for T.V...
[x]What sex do you want them to be?: I don't mind.
[x]What race do you want them to be?: Don't mind
[x]Where do you want them to be from?: Doesn't matter either. lol
[x]What age do you want them to be?: I really don't mind this either, I'm not picky at all


2/5/12 08:54 pm - daszelas - Hello there :)

☆Name: Myra
✪Sex: female
☆Age: 24
✪Birthday: October/10/1987
☆Zodiac Sign: Libra/Rabbit/Crow
✪Location: Germany
☆E-mail: mayhaps if you ask me ;)

✪Main Interests: sewing, vikings, native people, alternate fashion, Vampires, music, Lolita, Canada, Ireland, Wrestling, horses, bats, horrormovies, videogames, tattoos/piercings, drawing...

☆Described as: crazy, kind, sometimes a bit morbid

✪Significant Other?: I'm in love...

☆Work?: I'm a seamstress

✪Tattoos/Piercings: Jup :D 14 Tattoos (planning some more), 8 Piercings, 13 Earrings~

☆Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Oh there's way too much I guess and some of everything. I really love pagan music, deathrock and industrial but I listen to so much more :) I'm totally in love with movie and game OST's and stuff~

✪Favorite Books: Fantasy and horror~ lots of vampire stuff (jep I even read Twilight), the hitchhikers guide through the galaxy, The neverending story, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Saga and Fayrietale stuff, viking and native history stuff~ whatever comes in my mind :)

☆Favorite Movie: I LOVE horrormovies! ...and fantasy ;)

✪Favorite T.V. Show: umm actual stuff: Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Heartland, Simpsons, Navy CIS, ...

✪What sex do you want them to be?: male or female~ I don't mind :)

☆What race do you want them to be?: don't mind either :D

✪Where do you want them to be from?: I'd love to have a penpal from Canada but I'd also love to write everyone else :D English writers preferred~ but if you are someone who wants to practice their German I'm ok with it ;)

☆What age do you want them to be?: don't mind

✪That's me:
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